Temporal Piggy-banks

Time is money when you weave your way through a slow-moving crowd, muttering obscenities as you contemplate the important meeting you are late for.

Time is pleasure when you inch your car toward your turn, hoping to intimidate a pedestrian into interrupting her leisurely stroll and hurrying up.

Sometimes I wonder, what will you do with those few seconds you saved?

Do you go home and place your precious seconds in a temporal piggy-bank, waiting to accumulate enough time to finish your violin concerto or the great Canadian novel?

Will you squeeze in an extra sentence in the bedtime story you grudgingly read to your child?

Or will you finally have enough spare time to tell your spouse I love you before it is too late and regrets set in?


digitally404 said...

Personally, I think the best way to tackle life is to take it easy.

Enjoy it after having a peace of mind that you can't possibly accomplish everything in the world.

Reminds of a really interesting TED talk I saw awhile ago. If you have 20 minutes to spare, check it out.

name said...

I like this post



annick said...

I love this post!

Eva said...

digitally404 - That was a nice TED talk. He also mentions something to do with bedtime stories, which is a bit of a coincidence.

name - Never met someone called 'name' before. How do you do? ;)

annick - Love is a four-letter word. That is all.