Dirt Control: Why Evening Showers Are Better

Evening showers are superior to morning showers for the following reason: Dirt control.

The graph above shows the accumulation of dirt after a morning shower. As you see, you are cleanest right after the shower. However, during the day, you accumulate more and more dirt. By the time it is time for you to sleep, you have reached the maximum level of dirtiness. And now you sleep for 6-8 hours in that filth. Yuck!

The graph below is for evening showers. You go to sleep clean, and by the time morning hits and you go about your day, the dirt steadily climbs. By contrast with the previous graph, however, your night shower takes off all the grime from the day so you go to sleep pristine.

As you can see, the area under the lines for the evening shower graph is less than for the morning shower graph. This means that with nighttime showers, you minimize how much time you spend filthy.



digitally404 said...

What if you go to sleep in a dirty, filthy, stinky bed, as I do??

Eva said...

Then I feel sorry for the bed bugs that feed on you! LOL